A unique health and fitness professional

See the advantages of working with someone qualified as both a personal trainer and a strength & conditioning specialist


A little bit about myself so you get a picture of the type of trainer I am and what I've done. 
I started my career as a P.E teacher having completed both a teacher training degree in Physical Education and a Masters in Sport at the University of Warwick.  After completing my probationary year in Physical Education as Master in charge of rugby at Lawrence sheriff school in Rugby, I became a Physical Educational Instructional Officer in the RAF. I was based at the school of recruit training. If you ever want 'real' bootcamp training, you need only ask!
After spells in both further education and higher education, I became a personal trainer in 2003 having completed the Central YMCA qualifications Personal trainer award.  Running alongside this, I started work as an assessor for Northern Fitness and Education before becoming a tutor of personal trainers. I went on to become an external verifier, assessing the quality of personal trainer courses for Central YMCA qualifications across a range of training centres in the North of England and Wales. 
It was in the early 2000s that I started to look at the National Strength and Conditioning Association qualifications. This is the most prestigious of the strength and conditioning organisations in the U.S; at the time, they offered examinations as a PT and as a strength and conditioning specialist. I started with the PT certification, the hardest one I've done. I followed this up with the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (read more about the qualifications by clicking on the logos below). This duality of health and fitness training ran alongside further academic study, seeing the successful defence of my doctorate in 2007.  And so began a unique career as both a personal trainer and a strength and conditioning specialist. I've been fortunate enough to work with a vast array of clients, their achievements bringing satisfaction both to them and to me.