Strength & Conditioning

The specific conditioning service for sports performance

A highly specialised service that aims to get you in the best possible condition for your season or event 


Mark joined the seniors men's hockey programme and brought a new meaning to the principle of being engaged. Not only did he provide a first class training programme, specifically tailored to the needs of an international hockey player, but he also changed the group's whole culture and approach to our training.  Mark's clear fitness goals and outstanding ability to motivate ensured the team worked harder and more effectively than we had ever done before. Mark's passion, professionalism and the enjoyment he saw from observing the significant progress we were making as athletes , enabled him to gain the complete respect of the group.  He played a central role in helping us peak so that we arrived at the 2014 Commonwealth Games confident in our ability to physically match some of the best teams in the world.  


Wales senior men's captain

When you smoke 40 B&H a day, drink most nights, eat mainly takeaways and do no exercise at all, becoming healthier seems like a dream from never-never land.  

When Mark saw my lifestyle, he showed me that the ordeal I saw as a Himalayan wall was little more than an Alpine meadow.  What's more, the programme that Mark devised made the route simple, clear and, most of all, fun. It started with a light, enjoyable walking programme and progressed gently to light jogging and cycling.  Feeling much fitter and healthier, I told him I wanted to do a triathlon to celebrate. He was utterly supportive  and devised a training programme to achieve my aim.  So, who would have thought that just 8 months from first starting I would have completed my first event. 


Great Britain age group triathlete




We start the journey with an initial meeting. There's a lot of logistical information to collate: what is the aim? when can training be done? is it a team or an individual programme? how much time do we have to prepare you? what facilities do we have access to? what experience do you have of international level S&C?  


One of the keys to effective strength and conditioning is to understand the sport. There is no need to re-invent the wheel - most national governing bodies have a talent development framework (something like GB hockey's TDF) or long-term athlete development programme. This is the first port of call to analyse precisely what fitness qualities we need. 


Based on the fitness qualities highlighted in the Talent Development Framework, we select a range of assessments to establish current conditioning relative to international or elite club level. These will normally include body composition (might be as simple as BMI, but could be Bodystat), power, speed (initial and transitional and repeat) and cardiorespiratory fitness.   


Here, a vast array of weaponry can be bought to bear on each of the fitness qualities. From the pillar and movement prep of the EXOS system, the OPT (Optimum Performance Training) model of the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) to the more traditional split routines of the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning), there's a route for every requirement from beginner to full international.   


All the data is entered into a business intelligence platform, thus avoiding the pitfalls of using spreadsheets. The data can be stored, analysed and interpreted for an individual or large group. Players can also be monitored for wellness every day or weekly using various different systems of monitoring. This allows us to keep tabs on how they're doing. 


These are web-based, centralised information centres for coaching staff and players. Fully integrated business intelligence provides live data of daily/weekly monitoring, on-going assessment results and analysis, GPS breakdowns and player evaluation summaries. Alongside this are embedded GPS websites, tournament websites, and national governing body websites as well as all monitoring links, anti-jetlag procedures and an array of PDFs and files required by performance teams.