Warming up for personal training sessions

How should I warm up? What does a personal trainer warm up look like? What does a warm up look like with Dr.Mark Mullineaux health and fitness?

Generally speaking there are four main elements to a warm up:

In part 1 the aim is to raise the pulse. We do this by gradually increasing intensity on a cardio activity like rowing or cross-training.

In part 2 the aim is to prime the shoulders, torso and hips. Why? Because power is generated through the 'pillar' of the body, Priming them for the work to come means they'll be more efficient and less susceptible to injury.

In part 3 the aim is to lengthen, strengthen and mobilise. If running, for example, the hamstrings, quads, glutes, hip flexors and calves will all be dynamically lengthened. Some miniband work might be introduced to strengthen the knees and the hips mobilised by drop lunges.

In the final part, progressively more intense cardio may be reintroduced. This will reach close to or at exercise target intensity.

Take a look at these samples from a client's programme to see the types of things they are doing.

Personal training warm up: priming the shoulders, torso and hips.

Dr.Mark Mullineaux, personal trainer in Lancaster and the South Lakes has undertaken numerous CPD courses with EXOS. It's worth reading a bit about the way EXOS do things by visiting https://www.teamexos.com/

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